About Neuroptimal®

The Neuroptimal brain training program was developed by the Zengar Institute and is being used worldwide to help people bring clarity and focus to their lives. This unique system uses neurolinear neurofeedback to train the brain to perform at its optimal best. It is an amazingly complex form of feedback able to provide feedback at the pace of the brain; 256 times per second. This real time neurofeedback helps reset the brain to where it wants to be , removing ingrained negative patterns of behavior and performance.

Neuroptimal® brain training can help in many aspects of life. One of the largest benefits is that it can help an individual become more flexible and resilient. This carries over to so many parts of our lives. It helps us cope with all situations because stress of any kind (work, lack of sleep, school) can trigger our negative behaviors. Once we increase this resilience all situations become easier to deal with. That is why so many users report changes to mood, sleep, interpersonal relationships, focus. performance and general well being.