Janice Martin

As a retired elementary school teacher,  I never lost my passion for helping kids and their families in any way possible. While I was very happy spending retirement with outdoor activities, grandkids, family and friends, the minute I heard about Neuroptimal® I knew it was something I had to help make available to anyone needing a strategy to improve their lives. My first thought was how amazing it would be to reach as many struggling students as possible, but my awareness of the far reaching benefits of Neuroptimal® neurofeedback made me start thinking much more globally. I am so convinced this can be a transformative experience for so many that are struggling with some aspect of their life that I have become a certified Neuroptimal® Trainer and ready to start a whole new chapter in my life helping others yet once again!

Lifelong Educator and Child Advocate

Janice Martin has a B.A. in Early Childhood with a minor in Psychology and a M.A. in Elementary Education. She retired from Poudre School District after 25 years of teaching kindergarten to sixth grade. While teaching, she was always very invested in her students’ and families’ emotional well being and helping them find balance utilizing many different strategies. She found a way to help families deal with the  challenges families face when their child is struggling academically or emotionally. She would strive to help them find paths to success and happiness with her compassion, intuition, and experience. Her passion for reaching out to kids and parents did not stop with retirement and her involvement with Neuroptimal® has helped her fulfill the need to keep making a difference in the community.

My Neuroptimal® Journey as an Educator

When I first began teaching, there were one or two kids per classroom diagnosed with some sort of  problem. Today you can see well over half a classroom struggling with a myriad of problems we didn't even have a name for in the past. I strongly believe this is environmental. It is coming at us from all sides; whether it be toxins in the food we eat or the air we breathe, constant pressures to perform, medications, media bombardment, or lack of extended family support.  Yet it is very hard to even begin to know how to prevent or find the exact cause. Families, teachers and doctors struggle, often unsuccessfully, to find a path to help these kids achieve a better quality of life. In many ways I feel advanced technology has caused some of these problems and with Neuroptimal® I finally see technology helping with the problems.  Since Neuroptimal ®neither targets or needs a specific diagnosis, but simply helps reset the brain through training sessions, it helps the child with performance and self esteem through a very non invasive process. I have always felt there has to be an answer out there for parents searching for anything to help those they love the most and restoring balance to the family. Now with Neuroptimal®, I feel I've found it and am eager to share it with families looking for help. 

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