The process is extremely simple. The system is actually a very complex software program. You simply hook five electrodes to your head, plug into the laptop, relax (read, watch TV, listen to music), and let the system do its work. The session only lasts 36 minutes. You can do this very easily at home with a minimal amount of instruction to get started. Once you learn how you will find it very easy to integrate into your day.

We find the most effective training is done with multiple sessions most easily done with home rentals. The typical rental last two weeks or a full month. Unlimited sessions are provided so you can enjoy the maximum number of sessions and best results. Much like staring a fitness routine, the more you train, the stronger and healthier you become.

You will be given support and guidance along the way. We will be sure you are comfortable with the system and offer any technical assistance. We will also check in to make sure you are experiencing the results you are hoping for.

This is my passion! If one family member is struggling in life, then the whole family system is affected. To optimize results, it works best if the whole family becomes involved in the training. Since the philosophy of Neuroptimal(R) doesn't rely on specific diagnosis' and treatments, a family member who may not necessarily being the one with "problems" will often find shifts in their behaviors they didn't realize they needed. Things such as increased tolerance, patience, calmness, compassion, and clarity are often reported which positively affects entire family dynamics. 

When a student is struggling in school, the whole family is affected. It is an extremely heartbreaking for any parent to see their child suffer. We all want to help our children in any way possible, and when they suffer, we suffer too. Training the brain with the Neuroptimal system can make a huge difference when a family is encountering stress and anxiety as their child faces challenges every single day whether it be academically, socially or both. Tensions can rise and patterns of behavior and relationships within the family begin to suffer. I have seen so many families struggle over the years and can absolutely see what an enormous impact brain training sessions can have on family dynamics. This is especially true when the family rents a system and everyone works together to make changes.